Trek permit for Everest Base Camp

Trek Permit For Everest Base Camp

Trek permit for Everest Base Camp are essential to completing your trek adventure in the Everest region. They are the key to your enjoyable trek. The Everest Base Camp trek is one of Nepal’s most scenic and fulfilling adventures, which is also why it is a popular destination. It lies in the lap of Mount Everest, encircled by the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sagarmatha National Park. Trekkers are only allowed to enter this area with permission. They must obtain a permit and follow a few procedures before entering the region.

On the bright side, your guide or trekking agency will assist you. Everest Base Camp is very demanding. It will test your endurance, patience, and strength all at once. It is crucial to prepare for months before your EBC trek. However, preparations are not limited to physical. You also need to make mental preparations and acquire gear and equipment. Gears, Preparation, and permits are the keys to a comfortable EBC trek.

Types of Trek Permit for Everest Base Camp

You must obtain a few types of permits for the trek in the Everest region. However, the types and prices of permits depend on your chosen route. Trekkers must obtain these permits to embark on a beautiful  Everest Base Camp journey.

Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit

You need an entry permit to enter Sagarmatha National Park in Nepal. This park, in the Solukhumbu District, is famous for its breathtaking landscapes and the trek to Everest Base Camp. You can get the permit in Kathmandu or  Monjo, the park’s entrance. As of 2024, it costs NPR 3,000 for international visitors. The permit fees help fund conservation efforts and protect the park’s unique plants, animals, and more. Always carry your permit to avoid fines and help preserve this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

sagarmatha national park

Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Municipality Entry Permit

Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Municipality Entry Permit is a newly introduced permit. It became prominent in October of 2018. The permit fees of Khumbu Pasang Lahmu Municipality directly go to the local government. Collected funds help to contribute to trail maintenance and supporting local communities. The permit costs NRS 2000 per person. You can acquire this permit from the Tourism Board in Kathmandu. Alternatively, trekkers can also obtain it from Monjo Checkpost.

Optional Permit | Gaurishankar Conservation Area Permit

The Gaurishankar Conservation Area Permit is for trekkers who want to start their trek from Jiri. This permit is mandatory since the Gaurishankar Conservation Area is a restricted area. It is also home to rare wildlife, birds, flora, and fauna. Nepal’s government implemented this permit after 2010. The permit costs 3000 NRS per person and can be acquired from the Nepal Tourism Board in Kathmandu.

How to Obtain an Everest Base Camp Trek Permit?

Obtaining an Everest Base Camp Trek permit is a pretty straightforward process. Both permits can be obtained from Kathmandu or Specific Checkpoints. To acquire your permits from Kathmandu, visit the Tourism Board of Nepal with the necessary documents. You can obtain your permits at checkpoints if you are already in Lukla.

Jiri is another popular trek starting point for Everest Base camp. It is also the route the legendary Edmund Hillary used this route as a starting point for his Mt. Everest Summit. Trekkers starting from Jiri need to obtain more than 2 permits. The reason is that while traveling through Jiri, travelers pass through another restricted area. 

Your trekking agency or guide can also help you obtain permits. Additionally, you also need to fill out an online application. The steps to acquire an Everest Base Camo Trek Permit are:

  • Visit the Tourism Board Nepal.
  • Carry a passport, valid visa, and passport-sized photographs,
  • PayPermit fees,
  • Fill out the online application,
  • Acquire permit.

These are the steps for acquiring permits from Kathmandu. Trekkers who are already in Lukla can obtain licenses from the Monjo checkpost. Similarly, the procedures for getting licenses from the Everest region are similar.

Why Is a Permit Necessary For Everest Base Camp Trek?

Permits for the Everest Base Camp trek are essential for several reasons. Sagarmatha National Park is abode to numerous rare wildlife. Permits help manage and preserve wildlife and natural resources. They also support local communities and maintain trek trails. The Everest Region faces many environmental challenges due to the annual trekkers visiting. The permit system helps to address and overcome those challenges. Permits are also vital for trekkers’ safety.


Safety and Security

The Everest Base Camp trek is not easy. It presents many challenges, such as high altitude and rough terrain, which can also threaten trekkers’ lives. The Nepal government and tourism boards track trekkers’ whereabouts so that authorities can locate and rescue them during emergencies.

Conservation and Environmental Protection

It is common knowledge that Everest Base Camp lies within Sagarmatha National Park. Sagarmatha National Park was established in the Everest Region on 19 July 1997. It is also home to many endangered rare wildlife like:

  • Red panda,
  • Snow leopard,
  • Musk deer,
  • Himalayan tahr,

Permits help to conserve these wildlife. This is why trekkers must obtain permits and contribute to environmental protection.

Resource Management

The Tourism Board of Nepal keeps statistics on trekkers hiking in the Everest region. Those records help regulate the number of people entering the Everest region simultaneously, preventing crowds and minimizing the impact on natural resources. More than anything, they help preserve the Everest region’s natural essence.

Revenue Generation

Trek permits and tourism are the Everest region’s major income sources. The revenue generated from permits directly impacts lifestyle and infrastructure development. Permits have started playing a more critical role recently. The decentralized system in Nepal makes sure the permits collected directly go to:

  • Health care,
  • Community Projects,
  • Education,
  • Infrastructure development,
  • Uplifting the living standard of locals.

It also plays a role in providing employment opportunities for locals.

Do I Need a TIMS Card for This Trek?

The information management system of trekkers is essential for most trek destinations in Nepal. The TIMS card ensures trekkers’ safety and security and helps them keep track of their data. However, the Everest Base Camp Trek does not require a TMS card. The reason behind this is Nepal’s decentralized system, which was introduced a few years back. 

The Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Municipality Entry Permit has replaced the TMS card, which goes directly to the region’s local government.

Required Documents To Grab These Permits

There are several processes to obtain an Everest Base Camp Trek permit. However, the First and foremost step is submitting documents. The  list of essential documents to obtain these permits are:

  • Valid passport with at least six months of validity.
  • A copy of the valid visa covering the duration of the trek is required.
  • Passport-size photos (physical and digital copies).
  • Permit Fee.

Do I Need a Guide For Getting Permits for Everest Base Camp?

The Nepal government made hiring a guide mandatory for remote trekking. Previously, guides were only required to obtain climbing permits. After some research and study, the government felt the need to make a guide mandatory for EBC trek permits. Hiring a guide is compulsory for most remote treks in Nepal, not only EBC. The law for hiring professional and certified guides was passed in Nepal on April 1, 2023. It was passed after intense research on the trekker’s journey in Nepal.


It is essential to Get a permit for the Everest Base Camp trek. You can obtain them from Kathmandu or collect them on your way. Permits are beneficial for hikers and the local economy.

Trek permit for Everest Base Camp

They also help to maintain their safety and track them. Furthermore, permit fees generate revenue for the region. This revenue then goes to reducing the impacts of tourism. Prepare well, follow the guidelines, and enjoy your Everest Base Camp trek.


How much does a permit cost for Everest trekking?

Permits can cost 5000-8000 Nrs, depending on your chosen route.

Can anyone get a permit to climb Mount Everest?

Anyone can get permits after submitting valid documents and paying specific fees.

Can tourists go to Everest Base Camp?

Yes, tourists can go to Everest Base Camp.

What is the success rate of Everest Base Camp?

The success rate of Everest Base Camp is 95%.

Can you hike to Everest Base Camp without a permit?

No, you cannot hike Everest Base Camp without permits.

Can I trek to Everest Base Camp on my own?

No, you cannot trek Everest Base Camp without a Certified guide.

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