Champadevi Hiking

Champadevi 1 Day Hiking Trail In Nepal

Located south of Kathmandu, Champadevi Hill is a famous hiking spot. It offers a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. This one-day Champadevi hiking trail embarks on an adventurous journey and provides you with breathtaking views of dense forests, Kathmandu Valley, and Himalayan range. So lace up your boots, pack picnic items, and discover the natural beauty of Champadevi through a delightful day hike.

Champadevi Day Hiking Overview

Whether you are a seasoned hiker or just looking for a leisurely stroller, Champadevi has something for everyone. This hike to Champadevi sits within close proximity to Kathmandu Valley. It is just 20 km and about a 30-minute drive from Kathmandu, in Dakshinkali Municipality. It can be easily accessible, making it an ideal destination for a day trip.

The major highlight of the Champadevi hill hike is the panoramic view it offers. While hiking through lovely winding trails and lush forests you will notice the breathtaking views of rolling hills, valleys, and snow-capped mountain ranges. Reaching the top of the summit, you can view beautiful Mt. Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Ganesh Himal, Langtang Himal, Manaslu, Jugal Himal to Gaurishankar to the east, overlooking the views of the entire Kathmandu valley.

Suitable for all trekkers ranging from beginner to skill level, this has been a popular choice among families, groups, and solo adventures. Besides, it also holds cultural significance for Nepalese Hindu locals, with religious sites such as Champadevi temples and shrines dotted along the trek. Named after the Champadevi temple, this hiking in Nepal promotes relaxation and well-being. The short yet adventurous hiking destination is the best escape from the stress of urban life.

Moreover, you can also encounter diverse wildlife including birds, butterflies, and monkeys adding excitement to the journey. It is also a perfect location for a group looking for the best picnic spot. Overall, the Champa Devi hiking trip promises an enriching experience that will leave a lasting impression on all who embark on this journey.

How To Solo Hike in Champadevi? Without Guide

Are you hiking solo? Enjoying in your own company throughout the journey can be adventurous, however you may require careful planning and preparation. Before starting your journey, familiarize yourself with the hiking route by studying the maps or reading online, and understand trail conditions.

Never miss carrying hiking essentials, including water, snacks, a first aid kit, navigating tools, extra clothing, and a fully charged mobile phone. If you are trekking on your own then start your hike early in the day and always stick to marked trails. Take a break to rest, always stay hydrated, and refuel. Always stay alert for wildlife encounters, especially if you are hiking alone.

Solo hiking in Champadevi offers an opportunity for self-discovery. Take time to appreciate the view of the Kathmandu Valley and the scenic view of the mountains from the Champa Devi hill.

Detail Itinerary By Hour For Champadevi Hiking

Having two starting points from Khare and Bhanjyang, the Chamnpadevi hiking is about four to five hours long. Offering the photogenic views throughout the hike, you can stop at different locations and take a rest and some snacks. Here is the detailed itinerary of the Champadevi trail you can follow for a more adventurous journey.

Morning 7 Am: Thamel – ARNC – Pharping Bhanjyang By Private Car or Public Bus

Early at 7 am, you can take a public bus from the Ratnapark area or the ARNC to Pharping Bhanjyang. It is approximately 20 km and the fare is Rs 30. The journey takes a little over an hour. 

Bedside, if you are taking a private car you can take any short route to the Pharping. It’s time-saving and more convenient for you to use your private mode of transportation. You can park your vehicle in a nearby parking spot.

Upon reaching Pharping, you should hike to Hattiban Resort which takes about 20 minutes. Your hiking at Champadevi starts here. If you have a hiking guide then they will give you a short briefing session. Your journey of 5 hours starts from here.

8:30 AM: Start From Hattiban Resort To Champadevi

After leaving Hattiban Resort, walk along a road for about 30 minutes. Then, you will see Lalitpur and Khokana from the road. After a short distance, you will hike through a pine forest with a trail covered in pine needles. There’s a resting spot with a tin roof where you can rest. The trail gets steep for 20 minutes until you find another resting spot.

The path to Champadevi Temple gets even steeper as you move to the higher elevations. There are a few shaded spots to rest and enjoy views of the Kathmandu Valley. After about an hour, you can reach the summit of Champa Devi, where the temple lies.

10:30 AM: Sightseeing and Lunch From Champadevi Temple

After climbing steep stairs, you’ll arrive at the top of Champadevi Hill. Instead of a typical temple, you’ll see statues arranged nicely. It’s the highest spot of the hike. There are cozy seating areas near the temple, some covered with tin roofs.

Surrounded by trees, you’ll feel the fresh air on your face, making you feel revitalized like you’re in the forest. You can take a break here for rest for hours, drink water, and have a snack or lunch before heading back down.

3 PM: Hike Down From Champadevi To Pharping

From the Champadevi Temple, it’s a total of two hours of hiking downhill to reach Pharping Bhanjyang. Near Haatiban Resort on your way back, there are two tiny tea houses offering tea, noodles, and dumplings to fill your stomach. Once you reach Bhanjyang, you’ll have to wait for the bus to take you back to Ratnapark.

5 PM: Take A Bus From Pharping To RatnaPark

Buses to Dakshinkali depart from Bhanjyang every 30 minutes, but sometimes there might be longer waits, even up to an hour. If you book this hike with us, we’ll ensure timely transportation. Once the bus leaves Bhanjyang, it takes about 40 minutes to an hour to drive back to Kathmandu.

Avoid Hiking in Weekend (Sat, Sun)

If you want to avoid the crowds, it’s advisable to avoid hiking on weekends specifically Saturday and Sunday. These days tend to have more people as they have the time off work and many people choose to spend their leisure time hiking. Weekdays such as Monday, Tuesday to Friday are generally quieter on hiking trails, offering a more peaceful and enjoyable experience with fewer crowds.

Bring Enough Water, Food, and Sweets

As there are no shops or any restaurants on the route, make sure you carry all the necessary hiking supplies like food, water, and snacks with you whenever you are hiking Chamapadevi.

Staying hydrated and full is essential, especially during physical activities like hiking so always carry enough water to last the entire journey. You can carry two liters of water bottles purchased from any shop in Pharping Bhajyang. Also, carry some fruits like apples and bananas with you as they can give you instant energy.

Check the Weather the Day Before Hiking

Be sure you check the weather a day before your hiking. Knowing the weather conditions will help you prepare appropriately for your adventure. Check the potential rain, thunderstorms, or extreme temperatures. Dress accordingly and pack extra layers or rain gear if needed. Staying informed about the weather ensures your safety and makes a memorable hike.

Other Alternative to Chapadevi Hiking

Are you looking for alternative hiking options to Champadevi? You can consider exploring the following nearby destinations.

Shivapuri Day Hike

Just north of Kathmandu, Shivapuri National Park is famous for its rich biodiversity including diverse flora and fauna, lush forests, and serene hiking trails. It is the second-highest station in Kathmandu after Fulchowki. The hike starts from the Muhanpani, near Budhanilkantha temple then goes through the road until Nagi Gompa.

A little longer hike than the Champadevi, it takes around 5 to 6 hours to reach the top. You can see the mesmerizing snow-capped Himalayas views of Mt. Langtang Lirung, Mt. Langtang Ri, Dorje Lakpa, Ganjala Peak, and many other peaks, as well as Mt. Gaurishanker.

Namobuddha Day Hike

You can explore the beauty of the Namobuddha monastery with this day hiking trails. Also known as Tharangu Tashi Yangtse, it is a Karma traditional Tibetian Buddhist monastery. The Namabuddha sits at a height of 1750 meters with a 360-degree view of Kathmandu. Besides that, hiking is also popular as it offers views of many Himalayan peaks from the Langtang and Gauri Shankar Himalayas.

This all-day excursion not only takes you to a stunning Buddhist pilgrimage place with immense religious significance, but also offers picturesque scenery, stupa, old and historic cities, the residents and their customs, lush farmland, and woodlands.

Suryabinayak Pilot Baba Day hike

On the south of Bhaktapur city, you will notice a white-like temple place named Pilot Baba. This location is excellent for meditation. There’s a large open space for relaxation and a modest shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva called Somnath Shrine. 

Bhaktapur Durbar Square is just 6km away from this hiking destination. So, you can get there in a maximum of two hours by walking past the Surya Binayak temple. There is also the option to carry on hiking along the trail. You can continue to Tarakeshwor Mahadev in the south, Ghyampe Danda in the west, and Ranikot in the east.


Standing out as one of the best outdoor adventures near Kathmandu, the Champadevi’s diverse landscapes are ideal for hikers of all levels. With panoramic views of the valley, serene forests, and cultural landmarks like Champadevi Temple, this day hike offers a perfect blend of nature and spirituality.

Whether you choose to day hike Champadevi solo or with a group always bring the necessary supplies with you. Also, never miss to check the weather a day before your trail. And if you need any necessary assistance or guidance, feel free to contact us. Champadevi Hiking awaits you and offers you an unforgettable experience amidst the beauty of Nepal’s countryside.

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