annapurna base camp in september

Annapurna Base Camp Trek In September

Planning Annapurna Base Camp for your next trek in Nepal? Annapurna Base Camp is one of the most iconic trekking destinations in Nepal. Embark on an unforgettable adventure in the Annapurna region of Nepal in September with our comprehensive guide.

After the monsoon season bids, September marks the beginning of Autumn, and you can unveil a stunning landscape adorned with lush greenery and clear skies. In this guide, we will provide you with all the necessary information, including temperature, accommodation, travel agency, and highlights along the way. Let’s plan your trek to Annapurna base camp with us.

Offering a mesmerizing journey through the heart of the Himalayas. the trial spans approximately 115 kilometers round trip. It has gentle slopes to challenging ascents and showcases diverse landscapes, including lush forests and rugged mountains. Trekking in ABC provides the best view of towering peaks. Add the Annapurna Base Camp trek in September to your bucket list and explore the beautiful rock adventure with the help of this guide.

Is Annapurna Base Camp Possible in September?

Yes, trekking to Annapurna Base Camp in September is indeed possible. Falling between the season of monsoon and autumn, September is one of the best times to explore the beauty of Nepal. The September season weather is clear and offers you clearer skies and lush landscapes making it the best time to trek the Annapurna region.

Besides, the trial is adorned with blooming rhododendrons offering a picturesque backdrop for trekkers seeking the best trek in the Annapurna region. September is the month when you can see some of the best live rivers, streams, waterfalls, etc., with plenty of water on the route. The trail offers diverse terrains along with white Himalayas, and you will get the chance to see brilliant images of Annurparna and Mt. Macchapuchre. Not only known for its natural beauty, but the ABC trek is also equally rich in diverse traditions and culture. In your way, you can see people in the villages living a simpler life.

Ultimately, September’s time for trekking is a rewarding experience for those who are willing to embrace the beauty and unpredictability of nature. With careful planning and preparation, you can embark on a memorable journey to Nepal’s most iconic destination, the Annapurna Circuit after the Everest Base Camp.

Check For Weather and Temperature Before Fixing

Although September is the best time to trek at Annapurna Base Camp, the weather conditions can be unpredictable. You can encounter some occasional rain showers and fluctuating temperatures in the months of September and October. You must be prepared for variable conditions, including muddy trails and slippery paths. Pack the bag with waterproof clothing, sturdy trekking boots, and trekking poles if you are traveling in early September

Despite the weather and climate challenges, late September presents you with some advantages as it can be a perfect time to trek Annapurna Base. Not being the peak time for trekking, the trials are less crowded, allowing you to have a more serene and intimate experience. Additionally, the post-monsoon Annapurna Base Camp weather season temperature is mild, with crisp and clear views of snow-capped mountains and valleys.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek weather starts to get colder day by day as September progresses. It’s the time for Annapurna when you will experience the pre-winter weather and climate. During the day, the temperature gets mild and comfortable, but at night, you may feel a lot colder as the temperature sometimes falls below 0 degrees.

Below is the table showing the average weather and temperature for September.

Altitude (meters)LocationAverage Temperature (°C)
1400Pokhara20°C to 28°C
2700Tikhedhunga18°C to 25°C
3100Ghorepani10°C to 19°C
4130Annapurna Base Camp0°C to 10°C

Note: This night and daytime temperature is average and can vary depending on the weather conditions and specific time of day. You should be prepared for colder temperatures, especially during the morning and evening.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Highlight in September

Some of the highlights of Annapurna Base Camp includes:

  • Lush vegetation, blooming rhododendrons, and waterfalls along the trekking trails.
  • Enjoy stunning mountains view with clearer skies and improved visibility as the weather is perfect.
  • The base camp weather in September is generally mild during the day, providing comfortable trekking in Annapurna.
  • Not falling in the peak trekking season, you will encounter fewer crowds.
  • Participate in different traditional and cultural festivals celebrated by the locals.
  • A perfect and mesmerizing Poon Hill Sunrise from the viewpoint.
  • Panoramic views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains.
  • Jhinu Danda hot spring for a soothing respite.
  • Witness the best sunrise and sunset over the Himalayas, painting the sky with hues of orange, pink, and gold.
  • September is magical for photographers who want to capture the mountains and nature.
  • Mt Annapurna Base Camp’s journey is an achievement.

Hire a Guide and Porter For the Trek

Trekking towards Annapurna Base Camp can be difficult, especially for those who are unfamiliar with rugged terrains and weather conditions. As September arrives after the monsoon, you may encounter various challenges, including rocky, steep paths, and altitude sickness. However, hiring a guide and porter can significantly ease your journey through assistance and support.

As of April 2023, the Government of Nepal has made It mandatory to hire licensed guides for all trekking destinations in Nepal. The motive behind the rule is to ensure trekkers’  safety and promote eco-tourism. Guide offers his/her expertise and help in navigating the trial safely, avoiding any potential hazards. Also, they share insights into the local culture, history, and wildlife, which can definitely increase your trekking experience.

Similarly, Porter helps to reduce the burden of carrying heavy loads. This allows you to conserve energy and focus on enjoying the breathtaking. Together, they provide logistic support, help to arrange your meals and accommodation and facilitate the smooth and enjoyable journey of adventure.

Food Option During Annapurna Base Camp Trek in September

Are you wondering what special culinary delights await you in the Annapurna region for trekking in September? Similar to other popular trekking seasons, you can enjoy the diverse range of delicious food at the teahouses and lodges that are available. 

For healthy and comfortable dishes you can take regular Nepali dishes like dal bat. You are also offered with variety of other foods like soups, momos, and pancakes, throughout the year. Although there are not many special seasonal dishes, the warmth and hospitality of the locals help to create an unforgettable dining experience.

Whether you are traveling during the best time to trek Annapurna or during the offseason, you will still get the most satisfying and nourishing array of food options.

Accommodation available during the Annapurna Trek in September

During your trekking in Annapurna Base Camp, you can have different accommodation options that cater to your preferences. From shared to private, the hotel’s room offers any type, depending on your needs. Teahouses, guesthouses, and lodges offer rooms to accommodate two people with single or twin beds.

Shared facilities such as bathrooms and toilets are common in both shared and private rooms. Additionally, some lodges also offer the option of upgrading your rooms with attached bathrooms and shared hot showers for added comfort.

As you move to the higher elevations, the accommodations and their facilities become basic. The amenities are also limited. You will have to pay extra fees for additional services like hot showers, internet and data, charging electronic devices, etc. No matter if you are a solo traveler or trekking in a group, you can find the most suitable option to rest and recharge during the journey. 

Altitude Sickness During Annapurna Base Camp Trek in September

Altitude sickness difficulties during Annapurna Base Camp can occur in September as it falls in the autumn season. The warm weather during September creates a huge risk for trekkers to get sick. 

As you move towards a higher altitude, the oxygen level decreases, making your journey challenging.  Some symptoms of altitude sickness are headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping.

To minimize the risk of altitude sickness during the Annapurna Base Camp trek in September, you can follow some below-mentioned essentials:

  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and smoking
  • Take regular rest breaks
  • Consider medication such as acetazolamide
  • Be prepared

Some Best Trekking Agency To Hire For Annapurna Base Camp Trek in September

If you are looking for the best and trustworthy website to make your booking then don’t worry we have got you covered. Here are the top 5 best trekking sites you can trust as they are government-approved. With years of experience and dedication to customer satisfaction, the below sites ensure a smooth and enjoyable adventure.

Boundless Adventure

Having operated for over 25 years, the Boundless Adventure agency offers top-tier services that help to transform vacations into unforgettable journeys. From immersing yourself in cultural excursions and experiencing the thrill of safaris to peak climbing or trekking, they have something for every adventure.

To make Nepal a paradise for explorers, the agency has adhered to eco-friendly practices. Embrace the adventure with us, and let’s create memories that will last a lifetime. List for Annapurna Base Camp Trekking:

Nepal Alternative Treks

Starting the journey in 2008, Nepal Alternative Treks was established with a clear goal of providing the standard service and authenticity of the trips. Within 15 years, they have over 200 trips across Nepal and Bhutan. Trip Advisor has also consecutively awarded our agency a Certificate of Excellence in 2018, 2019, 2023, and 2023. This stands for the evident quality offered, and the trust developed.

My Everest Trip

It is a licensed and certified tour operator with the Nepal Ministry of Tourism. The company is known for all-terrain challenges, attractions, and hidden mysteries of Nepat, Tebeit, and Bhutan. In addition to providing adventure services, My Everest Trip commits to local development and conservation of local culture. Beyond the trekking facility, their service is also extended to adventure sports, flight bookings within Nepal, and insightful city tours.

Hillary Step Treks

Hillary Step Treks is dedicated to providing clients with the highest-quality trekking experience. It is a worker-owned travel company that masters professionalism, dependability, and dedication to client satisfaction. If you want to explore the mountains of Nepal, this company also offers customized dates. Happiness is guaranteed during your travels with Hillary Step Treks.

Vacation Trekking 

As a trusted agency, we pride ourselves on providing unforgettable service and experiences to our clients. We ensure all the plans of your journey are successfully executed. We have a team of staff that ensures your safety and provides a comfortable experience.  From booking accommodation to arranging transportation we also provide expert guidance to the trial. Join us for creating an unforgettable trekking experience, and let us show the beauty of the ABC.


Annapurna Base Camp Trek in September is amazing and is also the best time for trekking in the best season. The weather is nice, and the scenery is beautiful. You will see a waterfall, meet friendly locals, and even spot some wildlife on your way. Also, make your trek more enjoyable by hiring a guide and porter. However, always be careful of altitude sickness. With some planning, your trek to ABC can be memorable, and you can have an unforgettable, adventurous trek.

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